Tuesday, July 19, 2011

To Paris with Love

In the 3 plus years that my husband, John and I have operated our leather business we never imagined, or even thought, how a postal strike would effect us.
On June 2 there was a rotating strike with the Canadian Postal workers. It didn't seem to affect us much for the first 12 days. It was hit and miss and we continued to send out packages as quickly as possible while keeping our standards at level of excellence. I believe it was the 14th that the workers were locked out and that's where our concerns set in.
We had 45 orders completed and packaged and ready to go. Each day we received inquiries from folks that didn't mind waiting to for their package and wanted to order regardless. After about 4 days of this our stress level reached new highs. I was getting sick to my stomach fielding calls and concerns from potential buyers. So, knowing that the strike could be indefinite and as not to frustrate our customers we put our shop on vacation. The inquiries continued to come in and my heart sank with every, "we will look somewhere else, thank you!" I was devastated. My husband, the rock, kept me balanced and optimistic.
One day a very charming lady by the name of Samantha contacted us and stated that she and her fiancee were going to be married in Paris. Her parents and sibling whom live in Toronto were going to make the trip to Paris for the auspicious occasion. It sounded so romantic and exciting. She wanted to order 3 sets of custom luggage tags.
Making them was not a problem - getting them to her parents in Toronto was. Alternative shipping in Canada is outrageous. I suggested against the expenditure and discussed another option with John. We offered to drive the package, a hour and a half, to Toronto if she would agree to pay for the gas.
Needless to say she was thrilled an accepted our offer.
I met Samantha's mother, Kim at a gas station and it was like meeting an old friend. We hugged and discussed the wedding. She showed me a lovely wedding rug, she hooked, that she was going to present to her daughter and son-in-law, Vincent on their wedding day - July 6, 2011
When we parted I had such a great sense of accomplishment. We had played a very small part in someones life. As everyone knows a woman's wedding day is a monumental occasion.

I asked Samantha for a photo of her on her wedding day and was pleasantly surprised when I received this and another photo in an e-mail.

These are the tags we made for Samantha and Vincent and would like wish them a happy and long marriage.

Just Married - His n Her - Luggage Tags
Mother and Father of the Bride - luggage tags
Custom Favourite quotes - luggage tag
(both tags below)