Saturday, December 19, 2009

What would you do?

When I began this Internet business in leather crafting I swore to myself and my husband that everything that left our home would be my best. It is, and will remain, our slogan., "Where quality, craftsmanship and excellence meet."

The "For Your Eyes Only" leather wristbands series was designed exclusively by us. It was our brain child and we wanted every buyer to be part of the process in creating this unique and personalized keepsake that could be looked back on for many years to come.

The contents of each piece comes from the hearts of the person buying it. Only they and the recipient know the true value of the text. It is our honor to be part of something so special and we treat is as such.

Recently, I received a negative feedback to our Etsy shop. I was devastated to say the least. I make a point of reading and responding to all of our convo's and emails from general inquiries to buyers messages. Being a romantic at heart I put my heart into my work - moreover my passion.
To my dismay the buyer sent me an email telling how disappointed she was with her wristband that I made for her. She claimed that the text was slanted and the text went into the stitching. She believed it was "slopped" together. We asked her to send us a picture of it because I know what every item looks like when I send it out. If either John or I disapprove of any aspect of it, it doesn't leave the house. The buyer was very adamant and when we received the picture I could not see what it was that upset her so much. Below is a picture of a similar item that is listed in our Etsy shop.

The picture below is what the buyer sent to us. Both John and I examined the item carefully and couldn't see what she saw. If anything the accent, over the "o", which is above the text was in the stitching. The text appears even and centered.

Knowing how much this meant to the buyer we offered to make her a new one, against our store policy. Because time was an issue - the replacement wristband would not have been received by her in time for Christmas - we suggested that she give the one she had to her husband for Christmas and IF he didn't approve of it we would gladly replace it once she returned the one she had. The buyer was very upset with this proposal. She wanted us to replace the wristband immediately and she would cut up the one she had. We did not concede to this. I had numerous other buyers waiting on their purchases so I thought my suggestion was most feasible considering all factors involved.

As part of my standards I invite your opinion as to what you might think would work best for both parties involved.

I look forward to any suggestions you might have.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's a wonderful Life!

December is a month of milestones for us.
My son, Chris, turned sixteen years old. My youngest daughter, Renee, turned thirteen and my dear husband, John turned sixty. Amanda, my oldest daughter will be eighteen in January.

I met my husband in 1989 - well I didn't actually meet him; we worked at the same police station but on opposite shifts.

I remember going to the stations hockey games and watching John goal tend when they made the play-offs. I was in the middle of my "I hate men" period in life when John spoke to me for the first time. He offered me some chocolate covered almonds he had just bought, while I was in the guard room waiting to parade for duty. I ate the entire box. A few days later, to my surprise, he invited me to dinner.
I have to laugh. I told my escort that shift, that John had asked me out. I remember Freddy saying, "go out to dinner with him. You don't have to marry the guy." LOL

Never, in my wildest dreams, could I have imagined that I could love a person as deeply as I do John. He has always treated me with love and respect.
I think the success to our marriage can be attributed to knowing when to stop talking, leaving the room when opinions are at a stalemate and never going to bed angry. We hold true the same beliefs that family always comes first and good times can be had even with empty pockets.

I thank God everyday for my life, my wonderful family and my loving husband. Happy birthday, sweetheart!! May God bless me with many more loving years with you.

John pictured here with my oldest daughter, Amanda in 1992
John pictured here, as handsome as ever, with our youngest daughter, Renee.
May everyone be a blessed as I am.
I would like to wish all our friends and acquaintances a Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year!
Anne ^i^