Saturday, December 19, 2009

What would you do?

When I began this Internet business in leather crafting I swore to myself and my husband that everything that left our home would be my best. It is, and will remain, our slogan., "Where quality, craftsmanship and excellence meet."

The "For Your Eyes Only" leather wristbands series was designed exclusively by us. It was our brain child and we wanted every buyer to be part of the process in creating this unique and personalized keepsake that could be looked back on for many years to come.

The contents of each piece comes from the hearts of the person buying it. Only they and the recipient know the true value of the text. It is our honor to be part of something so special and we treat is as such.

Recently, I received a negative feedback to our Etsy shop. I was devastated to say the least. I make a point of reading and responding to all of our convo's and emails from general inquiries to buyers messages. Being a romantic at heart I put my heart into my work - moreover my passion.
To my dismay the buyer sent me an email telling how disappointed she was with her wristband that I made for her. She claimed that the text was slanted and the text went into the stitching. She believed it was "slopped" together. We asked her to send us a picture of it because I know what every item looks like when I send it out. If either John or I disapprove of any aspect of it, it doesn't leave the house. The buyer was very adamant and when we received the picture I could not see what it was that upset her so much. Below is a picture of a similar item that is listed in our Etsy shop.

The picture below is what the buyer sent to us. Both John and I examined the item carefully and couldn't see what she saw. If anything the accent, over the "o", which is above the text was in the stitching. The text appears even and centered.

Knowing how much this meant to the buyer we offered to make her a new one, against our store policy. Because time was an issue - the replacement wristband would not have been received by her in time for Christmas - we suggested that she give the one she had to her husband for Christmas and IF he didn't approve of it we would gladly replace it once she returned the one she had. The buyer was very upset with this proposal. She wanted us to replace the wristband immediately and she would cut up the one she had. We did not concede to this. I had numerous other buyers waiting on their purchases so I thought my suggestion was most feasible considering all factors involved.

As part of my standards I invite your opinion as to what you might think would work best for both parties involved.

I look forward to any suggestions you might have.



  1. Sorry this happened. I don't see anything wrong with it but sometimes you just can't please everyone. Your solution sounded like the best solution for the time frame and it was also very fair. Maybe in the future you could send a photo of it to the customer prior to shipping it out to get their approval. It's a shame it would have to come down to that but it might save frustration later.

  2. I'm sorry this happened but you can't please everyone. The only thing I see in the picture she sent is that the accent is in the stitch line. But your resolution was acceptable and reasonable (more so since it was against your written policies, so you clearly care about your product).

    You may want to so what BeadedTail said about sending a photo for approval before sending (at least on custom items such as this).

  3. Anne, I am so sorry this happened to you! I agree with the others that you can't please everyone. I think, also, our customers need to realize these items are HANDMADE - there is not a machine precisely punching the letters into the leather. And that's what makes our items so unique! It sounds to me like she was looking for something "machine" made. I think your offer was the best offer you could have given her - ESPECIALLY since you don't allow exchanges in your shop. You went above and beyond for her! I am interested to hear what her husband has to say about it on Christmas morning. Keep doing what you do, and don't let this get you down - I think your work is fabulous!

  4. Anne, Have you given her feed back?? I hate tit for tat but sometimes that is all you can do.
    Some people can't be pleased..hang in there..M

  5. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedules to comment on this posting.

    I have taken pictures of items we've shipped prior to Christmas, especially unquie or complicated ones, but due to the large number of orders we received in the last few weeks it was too time consuming. I will resume my practise of taking pictures from now on.

    Thank you so much again and Merry CHristmas!
    Anne & John

  6. Sorry this happened , I loved my bracelet it was perfect, I actually didn't have it long( 3 days lol) though my great aunt is in a nursing home and she saw it on me and has tiny wrists too and loved it so I gave it to her to keep, so if nothing else you can know that you made me and her very happy and she appreciates it every day.

    Strangely enough , mine said not all who wander are lost inside, she liked that , it's not funny really but they just moved her to an alzheimer's unit , so when she remembers she thinks thats quippy.

    thanks again happy holiday's

  7. Thanks Amanda,
    For sharing this experience about your great aunt. It's funny (odd) how life mimics art (or visa versa). Buy Cheap leather Jackets, I trust this was a similar experience for you and you can relate to it. Best of luck in the New Year.

    God Bless !!
    Anne ^i^