Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's a wonderful Life!

December is a month of milestones for us.
My son, Chris, turned sixteen years old. My youngest daughter, Renee, turned thirteen and my dear husband, John turned sixty. Amanda, my oldest daughter will be eighteen in January.

I met my husband in 1989 - well I didn't actually meet him; we worked at the same police station but on opposite shifts.

I remember going to the stations hockey games and watching John goal tend when they made the play-offs. I was in the middle of my "I hate men" period in life when John spoke to me for the first time. He offered me some chocolate covered almonds he had just bought, while I was in the guard room waiting to parade for duty. I ate the entire box. A few days later, to my surprise, he invited me to dinner.
I have to laugh. I told my escort that shift, that John had asked me out. I remember Freddy saying, "go out to dinner with him. You don't have to marry the guy." LOL

Never, in my wildest dreams, could I have imagined that I could love a person as deeply as I do John. He has always treated me with love and respect.
I think the success to our marriage can be attributed to knowing when to stop talking, leaving the room when opinions are at a stalemate and never going to bed angry. We hold true the same beliefs that family always comes first and good times can be had even with empty pockets.

I thank God everyday for my life, my wonderful family and my loving husband. Happy birthday, sweetheart!! May God bless me with many more loving years with you.

John pictured here with my oldest daughter, Amanda in 1992
John pictured here, as handsome as ever, with our youngest daughter, Renee.
May everyone be a blessed as I am.
I would like to wish all our friends and acquaintances a Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year!
Anne ^i^

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  1. Anne, Love the story..and John is still a hotty after all these years..love and light to your family..Margaret