Tuesday, June 30, 2009


In the spirit of freedom and independence I am very proud to introduce to you this fantastic artisan, Angel, of Strand of Glitter. She is the designer and creator of these exquisite bracelets in this feature.

I came across her site last year and fell in love the her work. It was fresh, crisp and very unique. She had a bracelet listed "The Flag" and I could not believe the great detail and skill that Angel must have had to turn out such a lovely piece. In expressing this to her in a brief convo she nonchalantly offered to design and create a similar one for me, only the Canadian flag. I readily accepted.

I am no stranger to bead work, except I use the old method of looming, and understand the amount of work and eye strain that might go into making a piece like this. But the day I received it I was floored. She had used what I would consider that smallest seed beads available. I would compare them to be sized a tad bigger that a poppy seed. Can you imagine the difficulty it must have been to thread and strand something that tiny. I can not fathom it and nor would I try.

Angels shop is absolutely worth a look. Her work is timeless, elegant and grossly under priced.

The Canadian Flag Bracelet - Presently one of a kind - MINE!!! :D
You will not find this in her shop because it was a custom order but if you would like to commission one for yourself it is well worth it.

This is the bracelet that drew me to her shop. It is brilliant, elegant and her interpretation of and original design. WOW!! what a find.

This is another bracelet that Angel made. It is simply gorgeous. If you are patriotic or just like the color combination it is definitely the bracelet for you.

As a proud Canadian I will be celebrating our independence or self government on July 1st and will be wearing my beautiful bracelet to show my support of this great country I call my home.

I would also like to wish our American friends a happy and safe Independence Day on July 4Th.

Anne ^i^

Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Band For All Seasons

I don't think Paul Scoffield would mind the deviation in the title of his book, Sir Thomas More, A Man for All Seasons, if it is for the good of higher learning. :P

When I started in this business of customizing leather work, I experienced certain growing pains. As a matter of fact, we still have our ups and downs while discovering and testing new techniques and methods.

The word band we introduced a year ago has progressed from a basic name/text band, with a neat and even dyed finish, to a more distressing and aging appearance. We believe we have mastered the style pictured with positive results.

Coming from an era where a new product should appear crisp and clean, and then finding ourselves lost in this ever changing fashion world where no rules apply, can be quite a shocker. 0_o!!

This new look of thinner bands of distressed and worn out finishes was quite removed from your old school practises. But once I dabbled with the leather - mistreating it beyond my very belief - it was rather fun. I have formulated a new appreciation for this style.

I know we did something right when our teen children suddenly acknowledged our work with a "looks good, mom, " rather than the usual grunt of approval or half nod. *big grin*

My oldest daughter is looking at her university options and when she saw these wristbands, it piqued her excitement.

These bands are custom made and can accommodate up to 30 characters (including spaces.) We can engrave team names, fraternity and sorority house names, sayings, band names and text - the options are endless.

The bands are available in both 1 inch wide bands and 5/8 inch bands for only $12.50

Come visit our shops and take a look around. If you can think it, I can make it. Etsy Shop OR ArtFire Shop

Your comments are welcomed.

Anne ^i^

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Don't Knock It

Being a DIY type person myself I have an major appreciation for the art of woodworking. The closest I will ever come to being as talented as my featured artisans is building a bird house which we did for "Habitat for Humanity" unfortunately our youngest daughter wanted to keep it. Well maybe not so unfortunate :D

In appreciation to a dying art I chose to feature woodworkers in this blog.

The first artisan I chose is Jason of Jtcustomcrafts. Having teens of my own I can appreciate the note roll. It would make life so much easier having this awesome item where I can easily read it. We are all aware of last minute changes and even though cell phones are convenient text messages do not always arrive when they should. This is my choice of communication. Old school - yeah!!!

The next item I choose is this gorgeous filigree carved clock. This clock comes from Jameswoodworking shop. His work is absolutely wonderful and I meander quite often admiring his intricate detail. A must shop to view.

Fret Work Clock - $65.00

And my last, but not least, is the very talented wood working artisan, Darrly of Artisan Designs DTB. This is what all home business workers need. I know I could use one. This item is mobile and versatile. Imagine working on your orders and catching some rays at the same time. I know my days of being a mushroom are over. How about you? Well done Darryl.

Walnut Computer Stand - $475.00

Thanks for sharing my finds. I invite you to view their shops and take a look at the wonderful items they have to offer.


Anne ^i^

Friday, June 12, 2009

It's the Love That Comes With It

I was entirely prepared to write a blog about an award a group of 15 people received, myself included. The recipients were to pass on the award to 15 new blogger's, of their choosing. I was to discovered these new blogs and report what was learned about each one. Quite pleased about receiving this award I took on the challenge with enthusiasm. I did my research for countless hours and had written and re-written the blog until my head hurt. I said to myself, "Anne, writing a blog shouldn't be hard work. It should be spontaneous and fun".

I thought it curious that my situation was mimicking my daughters life at this very time. She is a highly intelligent and attractive young lady but recently she has been having a difficult time assimilating with her peers. At home she is quick witted and humorous but at school she is introverted and shy, thus having a difficult time fitting in. She has her usual classmate friends but now she is in a different setting - a stage production with new faces and unfamiliar personalities. As I spoke with her this morning I realized I was trying to do that very thing. I wanted to fit in with a certain group of people that share a common thread - a radio program they follow.

In the latter part of 2008 a group of them participated in a live show and because I couldn't access the live portion of it I felt left out. My business took off leaving me little time if any to follow the show, so again I was distancing myself from this group I wanted to be part of.
As I listened to the advice I gave to my daughter I could hear my inner voice say "take my own advice." So here you have it. I have decided to feature 3 individuals that I have come to appreciate and befriend from the Etsy community and blogging world.

Back in November 2008 a lady by the name Amy of Brandi76662 added my shop to her "Hearts". As a courtesy I sent her back a thank you convo for doing so. Amy responded in kind and we began discussed things quite openly. A bond developed and now we are very good friends. I have never met any one person that has faced so many adversities as she has and remained optimistic and good hearted. Her cavalier approach to everything often lifted me to where I thought my dilemmas were inconsequential in comparison to hers. She has the most genuine an relaxed sense of humour that I can truly identify with. No holds barred and spoken from the heart.
This is one of the items that I like from her shop. If you send her a convo, tell her I said "Hi" :D

Pam, of Magdalenejewels is a lady that I have come to meet and like via the chat rooms and other blogs that I follow. She has a classy demeanour and always conveys herself as such. Very unassuming and eloquent are her convos to me. I recall her son opening a shop on Etsy and I "Hearted" it. He was featured in a previous blog (Hollywood Icons). Pam being passionate about her life and family sent me a thank you convo in which I could identified with and appreciated. To my great surprise she purchased two wristbands from my shop. I was thrilled. Thank you again, Pam. When I communicate with her I always feel as though I am chatting with an old friend, welcomed and understood as will any person who visits her shop. This is my favorite piece of jewelry from her shop and it depicts her beautifully.

Juliet - $48.00

The last of the ladies I am featuring is Delina of Glyptic, and yet another New Yorker. She has to be one of the sweetest young ladies I have ever had the privilege of conversing with. Her modesty is refreshing and she has the knack of making one feel important without effort. I made her a custom belt and bag and in appreciation of it (and payment) she sent me two gorgeous bracelets. Simply put she is a lovely and talented young lady and you really must visit her shop.

Please do check out these shops and let yourself experience the love that comes with it.
Anne ^i^

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Upscale Accessories

When I go to concerts it's not the guitarist or drummer I watch it's the artist behind the piano.

I've never learned to play the piano but hope to one day. With artists like Billy Joel, Elton John and and Alisha Keyes as an inspiration I have designed and created the following unique pieces of jewelry.

My first project was this replica keyboard wristband. I made the first one for an aspiring musician and artist. I used the actual piano keyboard as my template. It turned out quite nicely I think. This piece is unisex.

When I made this ring I envisioned Beethoven working the ivories or composing one of his timeless symphony's. This ring screams classic. It was handcrafted of thick chap leather and bezel concho and a crystal rivet.

Florentine Concho and Crystal Leather Ring - $10.00

The choker was a total surprise creation. I was trying to perfect my dying technique for a belt I was in the process of making. The pendant is a smaller version of the keyboard. When I was finished and content with outcome I didn't have the heart to scrap it. With a little imagination, jewelry wire and leather cord I came up with this novel idea.
And finally my crowning glory - and labor of love - this life sized keyboard belt. It is 1 1/4 inches wide and made of premium tooling leather. It measures the exact dimensions of a full sized piano keyboard. This particular design has staggered black keys for a more dramatic effect. The standard look is also available. The one pictured was made according to the buyers specs. Presently it is one of a kind.
Thanks for sharing my passion with me. Rock On \00/_
Anne ^i^

Out of the Mouths of Babes

The "babe's" I am referring to are my two daughter's, Amanda and Renee.

The dear hearts came into my work area and stood in front of my table with a look only their mother would recognize. The curious sort that I am, I asked, "what's up, girls?"

Amanda, my oldest, rolled her eyes and looked down at the table. Not to subtle, Amanda. Renee pinched her lips together in an attempt not to reveal the laugh that was eminent.

A tad tired and obviously not too swift I didn't pick up what they were hinting about. Amanda eventually pointed out the T-shirt she was wearing that she had found. Not sure how to receive my facial expression, she readily offered her non-support to the message on the shirt.

I personally thought it was hilarious. Natch! She misread me. Renee piped up and offered, " But I love you, mommy!"

Amanda, appearing as though she thought she had offended me, apologized, "It's not about you." she explained. "But there are guys out there that think everybody reads their stuff and their all important....., but nobody cares".

After a few minutes of silent torture, I finally confessed to her that it didn't matter to me. Why? Because I have never taken myself seriously.

**Huge smiles**

Anne ^i^

Blog on!! _\00/

Saturday, June 6, 2009

And the award goes to...

I received this adorable award from Ruthie of Rose Works Jewelry for super-comments to her blog. I was one of five shops to receive this great award.

This award has No rules so we can do whatever we want. We are going, this time, to thank everyone who takes the time to read our blog and comment on it. Thank you so much and feel free to take this award as a token of our appreciation .

I have chosen to give this award to Michelle of Digs of Vaudeville and her pouch, Toby whom I love to death. Michelle has been a great friend to me. She has walked me through the process of customizing my blog and the resizing of pictures with great patience and understanding. She is a warm and caring person.
Her vintage shop is loaded with fashion goodies in which my daughter is a huge fan and customer of. Do check out her blog at Everything I love is From 59 .
Congratulations Michelle!
Anne ^i^

Friday, June 5, 2009


Movies were a big part of my life growing up. I admired big screen legends like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Deborah Carr. Give me a romantic epic, and I was done for the night. *sigh*

I want to share with you some of my finds.

The next item is an original painting. It captures the true essence of Audrey Hepburn in her hay day.

What baby boomer hasn't seen "Gone With The Wind" a few times? I know I have.
I imagine myself, back in the day, cuddled up in from of the T.V. with a box of tissue and eating a ton of popcorn. I drooled over Rhett Butler (Clark Gable) and hollering at Scarlet, "kiss him, you fool!!!" *sigh* I digress.

"Gone With The Wind" Cross stitch or knitting or crochet pattern 002 - houseofstitches - $4.00

My all time favorite romantic movie, without a doubt - hands down, is "An Affair to Remember -1967". (The remake of the "Love Affair" - 1939) Cary Grant stole my heart and (I'm dying if I'm lying) every other young girl's as well. *Gush*

Love Affair - Cary Grant - Deborah Carr - Artisticcollage - $50.00

I hope you enjoyed taking a stroll down memory lane with me. You can find these awesome items in the respective sellers shop. It was fun.

This blog is dedicated to the memory of;
David Carradine - December 8 1936 - June 3, 2009

Anne ^i^

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Big Hearted Crafters

I am one of those people that look in awe at those who dedicate their lives to others (and animals). Yeah, I've donated money to charities from time-to-time but its the go-getter's that continue to work each and every day for the cause that I admire.

Ruthie, of Roseworksjewelry is always contributing to some cause or another. I have followed her blog from day one. Month to month she has supported organizations from the hungry to the cancer stricken. You go girl!!

The item below is from her shop and it is appropriately labeled.

The next item comes from the very charitable and talented crafter, BeadTail. She is a huge supporter of animal awareness. You really must visit her shop.
This is one of my favorite items from her shop.
I am not entirely familiar with the next artist but she comes highly acclaimed by her fellow artisans. She is a lover of animals and has adopted of few of her own. I have visited her shop and her products are animal friendly.
There is no better way, other than direct donations, to support your favorite charity or organization than by buying a piece of handmade jewelry or work of art from the people that are passionate and dedicated to the cause.
Check it out..., you never know what you might find.

God Bless!!

Anne ^i^

Monday, June 1, 2009

A Winner In Our Eyes

John and I held an contest in May in appreciation of sellers that go that extra length to deliver awesome customer service.

We had two very strong testimonials and it was, trust me, a very hard decision to make. Actually there was a split down the middle.

After great deliberation it was determined the winner is:

CONGRATULATIONS!! Averitasm and her nomination seller, lilikoidesign for your hard work and dedication.

We would like to also thank BeadedTail for her nomination of CasahKitten.

I have visited both shops and they are truly worth a look.

The winners will receive a gift from our shop to the value not exceeding $20.00 each.

http://lilikoidesign.etsy.com/ our winners

http://thecasbahkitten.blogspot.com/ Two very gracious contributors to various animal organizations.

Thank you to all,

Anne ^i^