Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Upscale Accessories

When I go to concerts it's not the guitarist or drummer I watch it's the artist behind the piano.

I've never learned to play the piano but hope to one day. With artists like Billy Joel, Elton John and and Alisha Keyes as an inspiration I have designed and created the following unique pieces of jewelry.

My first project was this replica keyboard wristband. I made the first one for an aspiring musician and artist. I used the actual piano keyboard as my template. It turned out quite nicely I think. This piece is unisex.

When I made this ring I envisioned Beethoven working the ivories or composing one of his timeless symphony's. This ring screams classic. It was handcrafted of thick chap leather and bezel concho and a crystal rivet.

Florentine Concho and Crystal Leather Ring - $10.00

The choker was a total surprise creation. I was trying to perfect my dying technique for a belt I was in the process of making. The pendant is a smaller version of the keyboard. When I was finished and content with outcome I didn't have the heart to scrap it. With a little imagination, jewelry wire and leather cord I came up with this novel idea.
And finally my crowning glory - and labor of love - this life sized keyboard belt. It is 1 1/4 inches wide and made of premium tooling leather. It measures the exact dimensions of a full sized piano keyboard. This particular design has staggered black keys for a more dramatic effect. The standard look is also available. The one pictured was made according to the buyers specs. Presently it is one of a kind.
Thanks for sharing my passion with me. Rock On \00/_
Anne ^i^


  1. I love all of those! But especially the ring :)

  2. Thx!! Now if I only had the waist to wear a belt... :D

  3. How impressive--so creative. I do like that ring, too!