Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Band For All Seasons

I don't think Paul Scoffield would mind the deviation in the title of his book, Sir Thomas More, A Man for All Seasons, if it is for the good of higher learning. :P

When I started in this business of customizing leather work, I experienced certain growing pains. As a matter of fact, we still have our ups and downs while discovering and testing new techniques and methods.

The word band we introduced a year ago has progressed from a basic name/text band, with a neat and even dyed finish, to a more distressing and aging appearance. We believe we have mastered the style pictured with positive results.

Coming from an era where a new product should appear crisp and clean, and then finding ourselves lost in this ever changing fashion world where no rules apply, can be quite a shocker. 0_o!!

This new look of thinner bands of distressed and worn out finishes was quite removed from your old school practises. But once I dabbled with the leather - mistreating it beyond my very belief - it was rather fun. I have formulated a new appreciation for this style.

I know we did something right when our teen children suddenly acknowledged our work with a "looks good, mom, " rather than the usual grunt of approval or half nod. *big grin*

My oldest daughter is looking at her university options and when she saw these wristbands, it piqued her excitement.

These bands are custom made and can accommodate up to 30 characters (including spaces.) We can engrave team names, fraternity and sorority house names, sayings, band names and text - the options are endless.

The bands are available in both 1 inch wide bands and 5/8 inch bands for only $12.50

Come visit our shops and take a look around. If you can think it, I can make it. Etsy Shop OR ArtFire Shop

Your comments are welcomed.

Anne ^i^


  1. I love the look of your items. I am now a follower. Good luck


  2. You are an artist, I am glad to see that you are open to experimentation, even if it means swaying from the old school.

    The wristbands are really cool, the distressed style is great for a person like me, who doesn't have the patience to wear in leather!

    Thank you for sharing!

  3. Beautiful. This is sure a great idea.

  4. they look really interesting.. i have to say i was never really into leather but as im getting older i am getting more of an appreciation for it.. you do lovely work!

  5. Thanks for sharing you opinions. It can be scary deviating from the normal.

    Anne ^i^