Thursday, June 18, 2009

Don't Knock It

Being a DIY type person myself I have an major appreciation for the art of woodworking. The closest I will ever come to being as talented as my featured artisans is building a bird house which we did for "Habitat for Humanity" unfortunately our youngest daughter wanted to keep it. Well maybe not so unfortunate :D

In appreciation to a dying art I chose to feature woodworkers in this blog.

The first artisan I chose is Jason of Jtcustomcrafts. Having teens of my own I can appreciate the note roll. It would make life so much easier having this awesome item where I can easily read it. We are all aware of last minute changes and even though cell phones are convenient text messages do not always arrive when they should. This is my choice of communication. Old school - yeah!!!

The next item I choose is this gorgeous filigree carved clock. This clock comes from Jameswoodworking shop. His work is absolutely wonderful and I meander quite often admiring his intricate detail. A must shop to view.

Fret Work Clock - $65.00

And my last, but not least, is the very talented wood working artisan, Darrly of Artisan Designs DTB. This is what all home business workers need. I know I could use one. This item is mobile and versatile. Imagine working on your orders and catching some rays at the same time. I know my days of being a mushroom are over. How about you? Well done Darryl.

Walnut Computer Stand - $475.00

Thanks for sharing my finds. I invite you to view their shops and take a look at the wonderful items they have to offer.


Anne ^i^


  1. Such great wood working finds! That clock is incredible!