Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Out of the Mouths of Babes

The "babe's" I am referring to are my two daughter's, Amanda and Renee.

The dear hearts came into my work area and stood in front of my table with a look only their mother would recognize. The curious sort that I am, I asked, "what's up, girls?"

Amanda, my oldest, rolled her eyes and looked down at the table. Not to subtle, Amanda. Renee pinched her lips together in an attempt not to reveal the laugh that was eminent.

A tad tired and obviously not too swift I didn't pick up what they were hinting about. Amanda eventually pointed out the T-shirt she was wearing that she had found. Not sure how to receive my facial expression, she readily offered her non-support to the message on the shirt.

I personally thought it was hilarious. Natch! She misread me. Renee piped up and offered, " But I love you, mommy!"

Amanda, appearing as though she thought she had offended me, apologized, "It's not about you." she explained. "But there are guys out there that think everybody reads their stuff and their all important....., but nobody cares".

After a few minutes of silent torture, I finally confessed to her that it didn't matter to me. Why? Because I have never taken myself seriously.

**Huge smiles**

Anne ^i^

Blog on!! _\00/


  1. Cute story!
    Glad they weren't talking about you :)
    Hey...they weren't talking about me were they! LOL :)

  2. Never know!! Doesn't really matter. The fact that they came to me with it makes my appreciate their honesty.