Thursday, June 4, 2009

Big Hearted Crafters

I am one of those people that look in awe at those who dedicate their lives to others (and animals). Yeah, I've donated money to charities from time-to-time but its the go-getter's that continue to work each and every day for the cause that I admire.

Ruthie, of Roseworksjewelry is always contributing to some cause or another. I have followed her blog from day one. Month to month she has supported organizations from the hungry to the cancer stricken. You go girl!!

The item below is from her shop and it is appropriately labeled.

The next item comes from the very charitable and talented crafter, BeadTail. She is a huge supporter of animal awareness. You really must visit her shop.
This is one of my favorite items from her shop.
I am not entirely familiar with the next artist but she comes highly acclaimed by her fellow artisans. She is a lover of animals and has adopted of few of her own. I have visited her shop and her products are animal friendly.
There is no better way, other than direct donations, to support your favorite charity or organization than by buying a piece of handmade jewelry or work of art from the people that are passionate and dedicated to the cause.
Check it out..., you never know what you might find.

God Bless!!

Anne ^i^


  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful feature! Raising money for charity was the reason we started our shop so I really appreciate being listed here with the other fabulous like-minded sellers!

  2. Anne - you just made my day! It's been a really rough week and I nearly started crying when I opened your blog and saw "Set me Free!" Thanks a million hon!

  3. Anne - great blog you made some great choices of some very talented artists to feature in all your blog!
    I still get a lot of compliments on my jeweled leather cuff!

  4. It is all of you that make the difference. Thanks from the heart!

    Anne ^i^