Saturday, November 12, 2011

To Infinity and Beyond

Quotes, expressions, mantras and personal messages are quick in becoming the latest trends amongst couples.  We offer several styles to accommodate everyones taste. My personal favourite are the braided signet set pictured below. 

We use only the finest leather available which is always supple and without blemishes. All our wristbands are hand-cut, hand-stamped and dyed to perfection. They are available in many dye colours but our buyers tend to gravitate towards the earth tone dye finishes - amongst them are: acorn (title picture), medium brown, dark brown and mahogany (pic. 3). 

I am pleased to announce that we have just aquired a wonderful cursive/script font that I am planning on using as soon as I can and will post the outcome for those interested. 

Our Infinity and Beyond series
His n Hers - Braided Signet - set of 2 - 5/8 inch wide

The set above are 1/2 inch wide and can be dye in various colours.

This was our first set that sold very well.. and continues to do well. :)

Christmas is just around the corner and time is running short so if you haven't decided on a gift for that special someone in your life - take a browse at our shop and we will be happy to assist you.

Our shop will be going on Vacation mid-night Novemeber 30th and will not be re-opening until Jan. 2, 2012.

Thanks for dropping by
Anne & John

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Always Remembered ~ Never Forgotten

And then there are orders that break our hearts!

On July 16, 2011 Cpl Raphael R. Arruda died in the line of duty for his county. He was attached to the 416th Theater Engineer Command, U.S. Army Reserve, Ogden, Utah.  He was stationed in Kunar province in Afghanistan when his unit was hit by an improvised bom.
 He was only 21 years old.

 I received an email from a lovely lady by the named of Chelsey. She stated that her husband was deployed with a fallen soldier and wondered if we could make up several of our "I will remember you" wristbands.
Honored to be part of this we agreed. 

Before I started to hand stamp each wristband I said a little prayer to Raphael asking him to guide me... many times I teared up thinking of his family and their great loss.  I explained to my children the sacrific that Cpl Arruda and others like him made for his country and that we were very fortunate.

Above is the wristband me made in honour of him. It will be worn by members in his unit. 
Our hearts were heavy when we thought of his family. Together my husband, John and I decided to design this special commemorative bookmark especially for his mother.
It will never replace him but is a great reminder of his life.

May Raphael R. Arruda, and other fallen soldiers like him, find peace in the presence of God.
Thank you to the men and woman who serve our country
~ Canada and the United States of America . 
God Bless 
Anne & John 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

To Paris with Love

In the 3 plus years that my husband, John and I have operated our leather business we never imagined, or even thought, how a postal strike would effect us.
On June 2 there was a rotating strike with the Canadian Postal workers. It didn't seem to affect us much for the first 12 days. It was hit and miss and we continued to send out packages as quickly as possible while keeping our standards at level of excellence. I believe it was the 14th that the workers were locked out and that's where our concerns set in.
We had 45 orders completed and packaged and ready to go. Each day we received inquiries from folks that didn't mind waiting to for their package and wanted to order regardless. After about 4 days of this our stress level reached new highs. I was getting sick to my stomach fielding calls and concerns from potential buyers. So, knowing that the strike could be indefinite and as not to frustrate our customers we put our shop on vacation. The inquiries continued to come in and my heart sank with every, "we will look somewhere else, thank you!" I was devastated. My husband, the rock, kept me balanced and optimistic.
One day a very charming lady by the name of Samantha contacted us and stated that she and her fiancee were going to be married in Paris. Her parents and sibling whom live in Toronto were going to make the trip to Paris for the auspicious occasion. It sounded so romantic and exciting. She wanted to order 3 sets of custom luggage tags.
Making them was not a problem - getting them to her parents in Toronto was. Alternative shipping in Canada is outrageous. I suggested against the expenditure and discussed another option with John. We offered to drive the package, a hour and a half, to Toronto if she would agree to pay for the gas.
Needless to say she was thrilled an accepted our offer.
I met Samantha's mother, Kim at a gas station and it was like meeting an old friend. We hugged and discussed the wedding. She showed me a lovely wedding rug, she hooked, that she was going to present to her daughter and son-in-law, Vincent on their wedding day - July 6, 2011
When we parted I had such a great sense of accomplishment. We had played a very small part in someones life. As everyone knows a woman's wedding day is a monumental occasion.

I asked Samantha for a photo of her on her wedding day and was pleasantly surprised when I received this and another photo in an e-mail.

These are the tags we made for Samantha and Vincent and would like wish them a happy and long marriage.

Just Married - His n Her - Luggage Tags
Mother and Father of the Bride - luggage tags
Custom Favourite quotes - luggage tag
(both tags below)

Friday, August 6, 2010

The wonderful people along the way

There have been some wonderful benefits from operating my own business on the Internet. One of these are the people you meet along the way.

Sometimes I am too focused with my own shop that I forget to take a look at what's around me. Morgan Moe of Morgan Chelsey Designs is one such example. She is the owner/operator of a lovely hand-made jewelry shop on Etsy.
It wasn't until recently did I really take notice to the gorgeous earrings and necklaces she makes. I was floored at the low cost of the items as well. She uses semi-precious gem stones, crystals and plated Sterling silver on all her goods.
I consider Morgan a friend of mine. Every time she visits our shop she brightens my day. I have never met such a courteous and ultra polite person as I have with her. She claims these attributes came from dealing with the public all her life. She reports that she refuses to be like some of the people that she has encountered in her life. For this I am greatly appreciative because most of us, if not all, have had our share of difficult patrons.

I bought this beautiful Chalcedony necklace from her shop just recently and can't wait to receive it. Maybe if you ask her she will make you one too! =]
LUCID - Chalcedony Necklace - SOLD
Pictured below are just a few pieces of the gorgeous work she does. Do visit her shop. It is an experience you wouldn't want to miss.

Thanks for dropping by. It is always a pleasure to serve you.
Anne & John

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Two years strong

Tomorrow will mark our second year selling our unique and hand-crafted products on the Internet. We have come a long way from making a simple name band to designing custom portfolios and bow and arrow quivers.

As trends, styles and mediums have changed so have we. I was hoping to have completed a unique bag that I have been working on for some time but, and I will say fortunately, we have been rather busy to afford the time to finish it. Maybe next month I will be able to unveil it for you. *fingers crossed* However, this is what I have designed this year so far.

"For Your Eyes Only" wedding Edition
$27.00 Hand-crafted from tooling leather, beaded lace and white deerskin. The interior reads the bride and grooms names, date of marriage and "From this moment on"...,
Loving braided wristband as I do I designed this wristband for the romantic at heart. This design allows several options for the buyer, from a name band to a medical alert bracelet.
Personalized braided signet wristband
The braided wristband below was commissioned by a university student for her friends as a keepsake/reminder of the great work they did for unfortunately family.

I have, for some time, wanted to create a wrapped wristband but was waiting for the right time and text to stamp on it. Thoughts become things when shortly after a young lady commissioned this very article. It is 10 mm wide and can accommodate up to 134 characters including spaces.

Personalized triple wrap wristband.
My latest design is my favourite of late. This ultra thin braided wristband is only 1/2 inch wide. And although I love the mystery braid, the only width I have been making for the last two years is 1.25 inch wide. I have worn my "Family -BFF" wristband but wanted something less obtrusive. Something more delicate. So, after experimenting with a remnant piece of leather - I created this one. I wear constantly. I recieved a request for it but hadn't listed it until recently. This wristband can accommodate up to and including 15 words.

Personalized - Ultra thin - braided leather wristband.
This one (mine) reads "He will cover you with His feathers and under His wings you will find refuge. Psalm 91:4"
If there is something that you have in mind but just don't know where to find it look no further.
You can either contact us , visit us at Leather Made Nice or Etsy .
Thanks for dropping by.
Anne & John =]

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


It has been a long time since I have posted my last blog. I would like to say it was because we were terribly busy with sales but then I'd be lying. Actually, if the truth be told, I am enjoying a lull in the action if you will. John and I haven't had a holiday in a while. I think our trip to Disney 4 years ago was our last.

Anyway, John and I have taken this time to re-discover, create and re-new. Leisure time has become our playground. I was digging around in our leather supply and came across this very expensive piece of crocodile embossed leather. As anyone who knows our work, I readily thought of our "For your eyes only" series of wristbands. Here comes the T.M.I. part. I was looking at my dear husband working in the kitchen, oh yes, he cooks and like a god!!. Anyway I looked at him and thought, "I want you tonight". Dare I say more. *giggle to myself* Hence, my newest wristband.

I discovered, as I am sure most folks my age or wiser young people do, that life is too short to squander so I "carpe diem"( seize the day)! I made a matching set of FYEO wristbands for John and myself. He chuckled and thought it VERY interesting but I, as I sit and write this, am wearing my wristband. heehee!! SO!! I wish you all a good night. I am sure I will have one also.

P.S. I have created our own website ( still a work in progress) and if you feel so inclined to visit, we invite you to take a browse and leave your comments in our guest book section. Leather Made Nice or our Etsy shop

Night all!

Anne *evil grin*

Thursday, January 21, 2010

VANCOUVER 2010 - Welcoming the winter Olympics

As a proud Canadian and a former athlete (many, many years ago) I am both thrilled and delighted that Canada is hosting the 2010 winter Olympics in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. Although I cannot be there personally I will be watching my favourite winter event on T.V.

As a young girl I watched Karen Magnussen (famous NHL brother, Keith - Chicago Blackhawks - defense) and Dorothy Hamil (I even got my hair cut like hers. LOL) float like angels on the ice. Like many girls, I dreamed that one day that would be me. Although I am much older now - I still dream.

I made these leather wristbands to commemorate the occasion. It is not limited to Canadians but a unique keepsake for fans, friends, family or participants of the Olympics.

After these wristbands were finished I checked the Internet to see if I could use the Olympic logo (the five rings) on my wristbands.

Unfortunately, I cannot. Any use of the logo, without permission, is an infringement of copyright laws. :(

However, I will continue to make and sell the following wristbands and any deviation there of, that a buyer can imagine (minus the logo) to create a special moment in time for you.

I can stamp names, countries, events..., whatever it is that makes this momentous occasion special for you.

Let the games begin!!!

Contact us with your ideas and we can discuss the possibilities.
Thanks for viewing,

Anne & John