Thursday, January 21, 2010

VANCOUVER 2010 - Welcoming the winter Olympics

As a proud Canadian and a former athlete (many, many years ago) I am both thrilled and delighted that Canada is hosting the 2010 winter Olympics in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. Although I cannot be there personally I will be watching my favourite winter event on T.V.

As a young girl I watched Karen Magnussen (famous NHL brother, Keith - Chicago Blackhawks - defense) and Dorothy Hamil (I even got my hair cut like hers. LOL) float like angels on the ice. Like many girls, I dreamed that one day that would be me. Although I am much older now - I still dream.

I made these leather wristbands to commemorate the occasion. It is not limited to Canadians but a unique keepsake for fans, friends, family or participants of the Olympics.

After these wristbands were finished I checked the Internet to see if I could use the Olympic logo (the five rings) on my wristbands.

Unfortunately, I cannot. Any use of the logo, without permission, is an infringement of copyright laws. :(

However, I will continue to make and sell the following wristbands and any deviation there of, that a buyer can imagine (minus the logo) to create a special moment in time for you.

I can stamp names, countries, events..., whatever it is that makes this momentous occasion special for you.

Let the games begin!!!

Contact us with your ideas and we can discuss the possibilities.
Thanks for viewing,

Anne & John


  1. Great wristbands! I'm looking forward to watching the Vancouver Olympics too!

  2. I was a competitive springboard diver (in my younger years) but that event won't be until the summer olympics, Sharla :p