Saturday, January 2, 2010

Celebrating fellow artisans!

I promised myself that this year I would be more active in the appreciation of fellow artisans. I often sit in amazement at the skill and talent that goes into these works of art.

Today I came across one such artisan. The shop is Miamiamia designs and the wonderful creative force behind these original pieces is, Esen.

My jaw dropped as I browsed her shop.

Some of the most intricate and stunning beaded cuff bracelets I have ever seen were on sale for a fraction of the already inexpensive price. Esen is closing her shop but will be re-opening another under the name Mystic Fibers.

I have "hearted" several pieces that I have added to my wish list. But the way things are moving they won't be available too much longer.

I invite you to view her awesome shop and possibly pick up one of her designs for a song.

The pink and silver surf style peyote beaded cuff below was in the sold file. Sorry ladies.

This peyote beaded bracelet was featured on the from page of Etsy. I just love the mix of solid to translucent beads. I drooled over this one many times today - It was just sold!! *sigh*

This is one of Esen's signature designs which I think is stunning also. Again she combined various beads to create this fascinating and brilliant look.

The last time I looked this hot pink cuff it was still available for only $30.00. What a steal!!! I'm hoping that when she opens her other shop she will have more of these lovelies for us ladies that missed out on this opportunity.

All of Esen's items are shipped to you in a lovely organza gift bag.

I know I will be going back to visit her shop.

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Anne ^i^


  1. Wow! Gorgeous cuffs! Lovely feature!

  2. Yes she does, Ruthie. Your work is equally as beautiful! <3