Saturday, November 12, 2011

To Infinity and Beyond

Quotes, expressions, mantras and personal messages are quick in becoming the latest trends amongst couples.  We offer several styles to accommodate everyones taste. My personal favourite are the braided signet set pictured below. 

We use only the finest leather available which is always supple and without blemishes. All our wristbands are hand-cut, hand-stamped and dyed to perfection. They are available in many dye colours but our buyers tend to gravitate towards the earth tone dye finishes - amongst them are: acorn (title picture), medium brown, dark brown and mahogany (pic. 3). 

I am pleased to announce that we have just aquired a wonderful cursive/script font that I am planning on using as soon as I can and will post the outcome for those interested. 

Our Infinity and Beyond series
His n Hers - Braided Signet - set of 2 - 5/8 inch wide

The set above are 1/2 inch wide and can be dye in various colours.

This was our first set that sold very well.. and continues to do well. :)

Christmas is just around the corner and time is running short so if you haven't decided on a gift for that special someone in your life - take a browse at our shop and we will be happy to assist you.

Our shop will be going on Vacation mid-night Novemeber 30th and will not be re-opening until Jan. 2, 2012.

Thanks for dropping by
Anne & John