Monday, April 27, 2009

Our One Year Anniversary Celebration with Etsy

John and I are thrilled to announce that we have crossed a major milestone as Internet sellers in the Etsy community.

Our road was a slow and unsure one but with perseverance and some wonderful buyers we did it. We want to share our good fortune with the community and listed many of our items for sale at greatly reduced prices.

Below are just a few of the items that are listed on sale.

John is very fussy about incomplete edges. So, as you can see from the passport folder he made below, it was finished, in what I now consider, his signature double laced edge.
This is one of my mini shoulder bag designs and very much my personal favourite. This style of bag was designed to be hands free and spacious enough to carry all your essentials without the clutter. I prefer the thicker leathers like this one for its durability.

John and I started out in this business handcrafting belts. The pattern on the belt pictured below has been our most popular selling designs for both men and women.
We invite you to visit our site and take advantage of the sales. Feel free to convo us with any questions you might have.
Our sister sites are:
We look forward to working with you for another great year.
Thank you so much for your support and a wonderful beginning!
Anne & John

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Stud In Me \00/_

Like every mom, I try to encourage my children to succeed. Not in a bad way but a supportive way. My son, Chris, has an artistic eye. He can sit down and make something out of anything - even a remnant piece of leather that I have discarded.

Last year, for a lark, I gave him a piece of leather because he wanted to try his hand at leather work like his dad and I. I figured why not..., he usually wears what he makes anyway.

The wristband below is what he came up with. I have to tell you though, working with pyramid studs is tricky..., they are slippery suckers that pop right out of your hand just as your about to set it in. Well, *proudly* he mastered it quite nicely - and some, showing up his ole mom. :P

It wasn't until recently did Chris make another one, the first one he kept for himself. If you get the chance show your love to an up-and-coming young artist and view his shop.

Good ole mom tried her hand at something new too. I aspire to be unique in my designs. I don't want to be usual - I want to be superb! This was my attempt to be stylish without overworking the design. This is a wristband I made. I offset the diamond clusters - which was a "B" to do *pat on back* while keeping the clusters aligned. It can be viewed it in my shop. :)
I've always wanted to design studded earring too. For about a month now I have been awake at nights tossing idea around in my head. Maybe if I just slept I might have dreamt up something sooner. This pair of earrings are my most recent creation... I am so proud of them... It is quite a challenge to line up the pyramids and center them on a small piece of slippery leather... GAWH!!! but with perseverance I did it. \00/_
This was my first attempt at designing pyramid studded earrings. I am so pleased with them.
Now that I have accomplished this I have a ton of ideas bouncing around in my head. I am hoping to have more designs in our shop soon.
Thanks for dropping by!!

Have a Happy Easter everyone!!

Anne ^i^

Saturday, April 4, 2009


This is Spike \00/_
To lift spirits - I would like you to meet one of our pet guinea pigs.
This is Spike!!

He's not your average everyday, garden variety guinea pig ..., he's a punker pig.

My son, Chris, made this wristband before the movie, "Sex and the City" aired. Imagine our surprise to see SJP wearing the very same belt!!
We are huge fans of the show and we were thrilled to see it.
It just goes to show you that fashion has no limits. \00/_

I would be remiss if I didn't also introduce to you the other punker pig, his brother - this is Smokey. He is the noisier but smaller of the two.

I hope this brought a smile to your face - because we have to live for today because our tomorrows may be few!!

Drop by and visit our shop!! \00/_

Anne ^i^

Friday, April 3, 2009


Like most of the inquiries, I received this one from a convo via our Etsy site. A young lady by the name of Taylor B. asked if I could make her some custom "Signet wristbands". She wanted the name of her good friend, that recently passed, on it.

Her heart and ideas were bigger than what I could accommodate her with - but together her and I came up with a design that would suit everyone.

One evening while I working on her order my oldest daughter, Amanda - born in 1992 was browsing the internet. She decided to google the name of the young man that I was making these wristbands about. While my family and I stood around the computer watching ,she played a video on Hyatt Ebeling. By the time it had finished I was in tears and there was silence in the room. My heart sank. That young man, just a couple months yonger that my daughter had passed in a 4 car collision. It was a sobering reminder that we should always treasure the gifts that God has given us.., our children, spouses, family and friends.

As I stamped each piece of leather my mind wandered. All I could think of was his family. Only a parent - or sibling - that has lost a child/brother/sister could even imagine the grief they were experiencing and I wanted to reach out and hug them. My heart ached for the family and friends of Hyatt.

I knew there was nothing in this world that I could have said to them that could ease their pain but I wanted to show them that even as far away as in Canada we feel their loss.

I sent a email to Talyor and asked her if she would hand deliver a small token of love to Hyatt's family. She agreed to do so.

Our hearts and prayers go out to the Ebeling and Roberts families. We wish both Tyler Ebeling and Scotty Roberts a speedy recovery.

Taylor wanted to include more on the wristbands, but instead I will put it here.

Edward Hyatt EBELING

April 14, 1992 - January 31, 2009

~~ Gone but not forgotten ~~