Friday, April 3, 2009


Like most of the inquiries, I received this one from a convo via our Etsy site. A young lady by the name of Taylor B. asked if I could make her some custom "Signet wristbands". She wanted the name of her good friend, that recently passed, on it.

Her heart and ideas were bigger than what I could accommodate her with - but together her and I came up with a design that would suit everyone.

One evening while I working on her order my oldest daughter, Amanda - born in 1992 was browsing the internet. She decided to google the name of the young man that I was making these wristbands about. While my family and I stood around the computer watching ,she played a video on Hyatt Ebeling. By the time it had finished I was in tears and there was silence in the room. My heart sank. That young man, just a couple months yonger that my daughter had passed in a 4 car collision. It was a sobering reminder that we should always treasure the gifts that God has given us.., our children, spouses, family and friends.

As I stamped each piece of leather my mind wandered. All I could think of was his family. Only a parent - or sibling - that has lost a child/brother/sister could even imagine the grief they were experiencing and I wanted to reach out and hug them. My heart ached for the family and friends of Hyatt.

I knew there was nothing in this world that I could have said to them that could ease their pain but I wanted to show them that even as far away as in Canada we feel their loss.

I sent a email to Talyor and asked her if she would hand deliver a small token of love to Hyatt's family. She agreed to do so.

Our hearts and prayers go out to the Ebeling and Roberts families. We wish both Tyler Ebeling and Scotty Roberts a speedy recovery.

Taylor wanted to include more on the wristbands, but instead I will put it here.

Edward Hyatt EBELING

April 14, 1992 - January 31, 2009

~~ Gone but not forgotten ~~

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