Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Verbose Anniversary Gift

I am no stranger to texting leather objects. Actually I find great satisfaction in creating things that come from the hearts and minds of our customers. I feel privileged to be given such a task. My customer provide me with a list of 60 or so words, places, names and dates that conveys their special memories of particular times in their lives.

Each belt is handcut from premium tooling "Live Oak" cowhide - the best leather you can buy. Once we have choosen the hide we hand cut it to size. We take great care in measuring, centering, stamping and finally finishing (dying) the leather. It must be perfect to our standards - no short cuts, no flaws, or it doesn't leave our hands.

The belt above was finished in our unique blend of brown dyes. The buyer decided she wanted a nickel plated buckle on this custom piece. It was an anniversary gift for her husband.
Happy 5th Anniversary, Sara and Brad!!

The text that buyers choose always intrigue me. As the words are stamped out I get a sense of the life these people enjoyed together and what was important to them. It reads like a novel as their life unfolds. What a wonderful keepsake!! The lady that ordered this one plans on having one made for her father. It will read the names of all the children and grandchildren. Again, what a wonderful reminder of the joys in one's life.
Happy 4th Anniversary to you and your husband, Camille @-}--

The last belt pictured was my first request. It came from a lovely young lady by the name of Ashlyn. She has been preparing for her wedding day and this is a gift for her husband-to-be. I have a bit of history with her. She has visited our site a few times and I feel rather akin to her. She has submitted some quite unique and refreshing ideas which have brought fruition to us. So this was a very special creation that I wanted to be perfect for her. For a young person she has the wisdom and insight of an old soul.
Our good wishes and love go to her and her husband-to-be on their marriage and life together!!!

Ashlyn and Justin - March 14, 2009 @-}--

Other text possibilities: historical anniversaries, favorite groups, favorite novel or books read, comic books, sports teams or personalities, sayings, concerts attended..., the possibilities are endless. If you have an idea that you would like to pass by us send us and email or visit our shop.

Smiles, Anne ^i^ & John

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