Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Knife Sheath Like No Other

If there is one thing I learned about men, especially sportsmen, is that they take their knives seriously. Over the years I have had all kinds of knives in my home while my husband handcrafted a custom sheath for them. Some of them quite impressive while others I wouldn't use in my garden. But all of them have something in common. Sentimental value to the proud owner.
I slipped once, while at our local Farmers Market, when an avid knife collector brought three knives to our table. They were wrapped and bounded in layers of soft cloths. I looked on as the owner gingerly unwrapped each one and recalled the story behind the knife. With cautious consideration he handed my husband, John, one of his Bowie knives. John with the same care handled it like it was gold. I slipped, something I will never do again, and stated rather quietly, "it's only a knife". If ever I felt small it was then. The gentleman gave me a look that would freeze alcohol.
I have since learned to respect and understand the value of one's prize possessions. In retrospect it is like comparing an aluminum camping pot to a set of Lagastino cook wear. The user will know the difference.

That said, I will show you some of the awesome custom knife cases John has made for some very satisfied customers. Only recently has John found the time to make the sheath below for a knife he has cherished for over 40 years. Both knife and sheath were handed down to our son, Chris.

The next case was one of several made for a collector - the gentleman I previously spoke about at the Farmer's Market. The buyer choose the sheath to be able to slide on his belt. He also choose the stamp pattern and dye colour.

The next two cases, which will be used to house the pictured knife, are used for underwater divers. I personally wouldn't suggest leather for underwater but the owner was okay with it. The sheath was hand formed around the knife to give it a fitted appeal.

One case was customized with the owners surname and the other with wolves.

The following cases were handcrafted according to the owner's specs. One for a left handed person and the other a right handed person. Every detail right down to the thread and snap colour are left to the buyer.
When John makes each case he actually creates a new pattern, a new design. As I have seen there have never been two the sheaths the same. And that is the beauty of a custom case.

What John has been doing lately is making cases from knife outlines. As we all know it is virtually impossible if not insane to attempt to send a knife over the boarder. So in an attempt to fulfil orders he has been working with cardboard cut outs. We are happy to report that it has been successful thus far.

For the most part the majority of knives John has created cases for are antiques. There is nothing quite like it to see the face of a customer when John hands him/her their knife in a new case. It is like they have just received fine crystal and mustn't drop it. I have asked John to wait for me to be home when a buyer drops by the house to pick it up. If you can imagine it can be rather spiritual. But only someone on the receiving end will understand. I can only aspire that people receive my work with that kind of reaction. Luckily John is a very modest man so I will do the bragging for him.

The sheath below, in my opinion, has to have been one of John's favourite ones to make. It was made for a Bowie knife that has no hilt. Many hours of planning and pondering went into this one. The owner didn't want snaps on the back of it because he is a hunter and felt it would most likely fall off when he bends down. As a matter of practice now, John hand stitches all his sheaths rather than snap closures over belts.
Each one of these knife cases are unique and as individual as one's finger prints. I have not attempted to make one yet, and maybe I won't too soon. But for now I will leave this aspect of our business to the true master - my husband, John :D

'Nuf said. If you would like to chat with us about having a knife case custom made please do not hesitate to email us. We are always happy to create something special for you.

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