Tuesday, June 30, 2009


In the spirit of freedom and independence I am very proud to introduce to you this fantastic artisan, Angel, of Strand of Glitter. She is the designer and creator of these exquisite bracelets in this feature.

I came across her site last year and fell in love the her work. It was fresh, crisp and very unique. She had a bracelet listed "The Flag" and I could not believe the great detail and skill that Angel must have had to turn out such a lovely piece. In expressing this to her in a brief convo she nonchalantly offered to design and create a similar one for me, only the Canadian flag. I readily accepted.

I am no stranger to bead work, except I use the old method of looming, and understand the amount of work and eye strain that might go into making a piece like this. But the day I received it I was floored. She had used what I would consider that smallest seed beads available. I would compare them to be sized a tad bigger that a poppy seed. Can you imagine the difficulty it must have been to thread and strand something that tiny. I can not fathom it and nor would I try.

Angels shop is absolutely worth a look. Her work is timeless, elegant and grossly under priced.

The Canadian Flag Bracelet - Presently one of a kind - MINE!!! :D
You will not find this in her shop because it was a custom order but if you would like to commission one for yourself it is well worth it.

This is the bracelet that drew me to her shop. It is brilliant, elegant and her interpretation of and original design. WOW!! what a find.

This is another bracelet that Angel made. It is simply gorgeous. If you are patriotic or just like the color combination it is definitely the bracelet for you.

As a proud Canadian I will be celebrating our independence or self government on July 1st and will be wearing my beautiful bracelet to show my support of this great country I call my home.

I would also like to wish our American friends a happy and safe Independence Day on July 4Th.

Anne ^i^


  1. Those flag bracelets are incredible! Happy Canada Day to you!

  2. Anne...you are absolutely awesome. What can I say but "Thank-You".

    Strands of Glitter.com

  3. Wow - her work is stunning! I love it :)

  4. I must say I have seen the work of all three that have commented and they are all very talented artisan. Don't stop here check their shops out also.
    Anne ^i^