Saturday, January 17, 2009

From the Realm of Dreams

For about ten years I have developed an ability. I have the ability to recall items, faces and conversations that I receive with exact clarity, in my dreams.

Below are two such examples of the products of these dreams. Now that people, generally speaking, have accepted that dreams can play an integral part in our day-to-day lives, I would like to share this part of me with you about the dreams in which these items came to fruition. I am not unique.

When my husband, John, and I decided to put an end to our police careers some 7 years ago we wanted to concentrate more fully on our leather business. There are some very talented crafters out there and although our products were starting to sell rather slowly on our Etsy site in early May 2008, I wanted to create something that was unique enough to call my own. I have to say though, I do believe that every idea, design or product, in its rawest form was created, even in a simpler form, somewhere, some time by someone else. Saying that, by simply adding a rivet, grommet or adorment to a project does not make it original. It makes it unique.

As a spiritualist I like to meditate to balance and align my chakras. While in meditation I go to a place that I loved as a child - my swing that over looks the water at my parent's cottage. While there I await or call upon my spiritual guides for advice and direction.

In one particular meditation, which carried over into my dreams, my spirit guide, named Claire, came forth. We chatted, in this dream, about wants. I wanted to create something unique to me. I have always felt that there is a native side to me and freedom was a driving force attached to it. Claire presented to me a white leather wristband that had flowing fringes and turqouise rivets to adorn it. As she presented this beautiful wristband, the fringes danced in the wind. It was perfect!!! It was me in an inanimate nature.

In the morning I told John about it. Now my only obstacle was to create it. I have made three of these styled wristbands since, the one below, a red one and a distressed brown one.

To my great pleasure I sold the wristband shown below to a beautiful, tanned aboriginal woman. I later saw her wearing it. She was leaning against a railing and the fringes appeared as they did in my dream, flowing and free.

This next dream experience involved another piece of leather jewelry.

I find in my dreams that if I am intended to recall something important, the powers that be will bring it up close and personal to me and a gentle voice tells me to take note of this. My dream will remain suspended until I acknowledge the item or wake up and write it down. I have had many a dream where my spirit guides would not allow me to sleep until I made notes of the aspects of a certain dream only later to be found very important and real.

The details of the choker above were shown to me at one of these times.

I started on the choker right away. I was in a quandry thinking that I didn't have that particular suede at hand. A nagging feeling in my head drove me to go look at our leather supplies. Low and behold tucked in a corner with my delicate deerskin bolt was a small piece of brown suede. To me it was a message to follow though and create it.

So as you can see..., from dreams do come beautiful things.

Anne ^i^

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