Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Inspiration is found...,

I have joined the party!!
Inspiration Avenue posted a blog inviting other bloggers to submit 5 things that inspired them to create the things they create. Well this is what works for me.

I find inspiration in a lot of my dreams. The items pictured below are samples of what have come to me in dreams. I have a note pad and pen next to my bed and when I receive these dreams I quickly jot them down and recreate them as soon as I can.

I dreamt of this necklace. I thought I didn't have the suede needed to make it only to find it buried beneath all my other leathers.

Fringed native style necklace W/ Czech glass beads - $45.00

I also find inspiration in fashion -new and old. As the saying goes," history repeats itself". So, I look back at what was popular when I was young and what is presently trendy with young people and glean some sort of idea from that.

Hair-on Cowhide Ring W/ nickel pyramid stud -$10.00
Another one of my inspiration comes from customers. I have had numerous people come to me and ask, "can you make this?" I as an artist and craftsman I never refuse a challenge and accept it with open arms as seen in the picture below.

When purging my closet I look at things like belts and bags and wonder..., hummm maybe if I did this or that I could create something new or unique. I came up with my Spatz when I looked closely at one of my 20 year old belts that would never again fit me.
Spatz - All Leather Boot Jewelry

Thanks for viewing.

If you have an idea that you would like us to create for you pass it by us. Maybe we can create something special and unique for you.

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  1. Your creations are fabulous and it's so interesting to hear about what inspires you!

  2. love that wrist cuff, and oh, those boots! I love leather.

  3. Very cool to learn what inspires you, thanks for joining our party!

  4. that's so cool!! it's uncanny that so many artists are inspired by dreams!! thank you for sharing with us your inspirations and your beautiful one-of-a-kind creations!! happy partying and good luck on the giveaway!! :)
    hugs and peace,
    luthien :)

  5. Hi Anne!
    I have been having trouble emailing you, they get returned as undeliverable, but anyway, I wanted to let you know that I received the bracelet (live, love, laugh) and it is beautiful! I think my sister will love it! Thanks for participating in the 48 Hours For Larry!

    Nice blog, by the way. I am now following!