Saturday, August 29, 2009

Amongst Good Company

I was having one of those days when staying in bed would have been my best option. The sales I made buyers either forgot to pay or left out important information that I needed to start their order. My heavy sighs of frustration could be heard throughout the house.
With little energy or enthusiasm I had left in me I sat down in front of the computer and read my emails. Nothing piqued my interest until I came across one that read, "You have been featured in Dedicated Follower of Fashion - dated August 19, 2009. The Fall Forward: Stunningly Studded - Loud #4.

Without hesitation I clicked on the link and there they were, my studded earrings, in the middle of the "Loud"spread. I was so excited. My earrings were in the company of Nordstrom, Guess and Forever21. OMG!! My dream of having my products out there amongst the greats had started - if only in this single feature.

Although it may be a pipe dream - dreams do come true. This was a crowing moment and I relished every second of it with total excitement.

P.S. Thanks so much, Edi for you wonderful words of support. <3

Anne ^i^


  1. Congratulations! That's quite an honor and one that you certainly deserve!

  2. Aww!! Congrats, that is a very cool feature!