Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Gift ideas for co-workers, friends or for those who are difficult to buy for

I would have to say that John and I are free thinkers. If it can be thought, it can be created.

This has demonstrated itself to us many times over by repeat buyers asking us to make things that no-one else will look at.

So, in saying that, this is the time of year when bosses, supervisor's and co-workers start to think about what they can give to each other as a decent gift. I know, because I was there. It is difficult to buy for someone you don't really know. Sure, you work with them every day but do you really know them? Well, I have to say that through our experience people love to see their name or initials on items they receive. Pictured are just a few of the items that seem to receive the most accolades from buyers.

For the boss that has everything - wouldn't you gain brownie points giving him/her this all- leather monogrammed magnetic money clip.

Or..., for your friends/co-workers that will be enjoying their holidays in the sun and/or away from the office.... I do sense a tad of jealousy here... it can't be helped because I wish I were there too :D!!

OR...., for a more practical gift.... for friends and/or co-workers that will be commuting to their family's homes over the holidays, one of our personalized leather key chains.

Nothing is better, in our opinion, than a personalized gift. It shows that you had the foresight to think ahead of time to plan for a unique and personal gift.
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Anne & John


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