Saturday, October 10, 2009

A very special anniversary gift

About two months ago I had the great pleasure of chatting with a wonderful lady named, Meredith, about a special gift she wanted us to make for her husband for their anniversary. This gift took a great deal of planning from both us and her. She wanted us to create a unique watch band that had a carved exterior and a sentimental inscription on the interior.

Alone the carved exterior or the inscription interior were not a challenge. But combined it drew many obstacles. We had to take the assembly, functionality and doable possibilities into consideration as well as making it look aesthetically pleasing. The swirl design on the exterior has a special meaning, something only the buyer and her husband can identify with. So we had to replicate it as close as possible to the diagram she sent us.

The interior, was to be created just like one of our "For your eyes only" wristbands. However the text needed to be situated so as not to be hidden by the whip stitched edging or the buckle holes she wanted on the finished watch band.

As John and I often do, we sat in the evening and stared at the unfinished article and brainstormed. Will this work..., maybe but no.., this has to change. This went on for some time until we were both satisfied with the outcome. The watch face that the buyer sent us had to be fitted on the band before any holes or dying could take place. John meticulously measured and re-measured it until it was flawless. My task was to fit 62 characters of text onto the interior band keeping in mind the buckle placement and holes for both lacing and buckle.
I must say we did have several sleepless nights thinking about the process.

When all was said and done, we were able to deliver what she wanted.

With the clink of wine glasses together John and I toasted ourselves for another job well done.

We sent the watch to Meredith sometime ago and have not heard from her since. Her anniversary date in coming up soon, John and I would like to extend our best wishes to her and her husband on their anniversary.

This entire watch band was hand cut, hand stamped and carved entirely by John and I. If you would like us to create something similar to this we invite you to visit our shop or contact us.
Pricing available upon request.
If you can think it, it can be made. Our shops at Etsy and Artfire
Anne and John


  1. What a unique personalized gift. It looks absolutely fabulous! I'm sure the recipient will love it :)

  2. Thanks so much! I appreciate your comment.

    Anne ^i^

  3. That looks amazing!!! You both did a wonderful job :)

  4. Wow, that's outstanding! I'm sure the "husband" will thoroughly enjoy it very much.

  5. Aww! thanks guys!! You're so nice to say.

    Anne ^i^

  6. What a gorgeous wristband! I love that it's personalized making it something to be treasured always!

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