Saturday, October 17, 2009

Life's good moments - if only for us!

It was one of those days when I was in a bitchy type of mood. I didn't want to ask anyone for help because I knew it wasn't coming too soon.

I started to pick things up and within minutes the rest of the family followed. Amanda, my oldest, cleaned the family room - muttering annoyances about her younger sister under her breathe. John, my HD, cleaned the filing cabinets, did dishes, made lunch and maintained harmony as he always does. Renee my youngest helped her dad for as long as she could and finally disappeared to my bed for rest. (she was after all taken to the ER for a high fever ..., the night before). To my great surprise everyone chipped in without any harsh words or encouragement.

Exhausted from a few days of hysteria, John and I sat on the couch and relaxed a tad. The door bell rang and I answered it.
What appeared to be "Carrot top" and "Clarence Williams III" of mod squad, were at my door donning there best, MIB outfits, stood there smiling at me.

"Hi, I must tell you I was at the hospital last night", and *cough, cough*" With my daughter who coughed up blood. I wouldn't get too close if I were you."

Both "Carrot top" and "Clarence" backed away from my door - gingerly handing me one of their cards with a picture of their huuuuugeee headquarters in Utah.

Carrot top - " I am sorry to hear that. Is there something we can do for you?"

Uumm, I am thinking to myself. Well I am pretty hungry and 123 Chinese food sounds really nice. I bit my tongue. "Thank you but we're good."

Carrot top - "If there are any questions you have for us?"

Uummm, well yes...., I'm thinking. Do you know Donny and Marie?

Although I kid I do appreciate there mission although it is not my belief.
In the minutes to follow, soaked with fatigue and full of levity John, in a rather giddy demeanour states, "This is John" tapping his right foot and then tapping his right, "this is Jack, his evil brother, the tripper".
Funny how exhaustion makes one giddy about nonsensical things. With tears of laughter running down our cheeks I called out to Amanda, our oldest daughter.

Me - "Amanda, didn't you name your feet in grade school?"

Amanda - "It was my shoes. And I named them Eddie and Marvin."(Now we're talking to a girl that just received high honours in her studies.)

John introduced John and Jack to Amanda using his cane.
Don't you find that the more idiotic the topic the funnier sometimes it seems.

This was one of those moments that no matter what someone said the questions, "Do you know Donny and Marie? cropped up in the conversation.

I guess although it was one of those moments where you had to be there. It was one of those moments that were meant to help lift our spirits. I think everyone should have them once in a while - no matter how lame.

May you laugh at least once a day.

Anne ^i^


  1. Those times when laughter flows free are the best! Did the MIB dudes know Donny and Marie? :D

  2. God bless you, Sharla!! It took a very brave soul to comment on this blog and as usual you can shining through.. as to your question, I did not get a chance to ask them because they hurried away. LOL

    Anne ^i^