Saturday, May 16, 2009

Are They Our Future Trendsetters?

As a leather crafter I am always curious as to what makes people buy what they buy. What is it that compels them to gravitate to the off beat and unusual?

I have a certain style , as do most artists. Mine comes from many years of following the rules - the right way , if there is such a thing anymore. I have developed a technique that requires clean edges and sharp colors. I am a perfectionist and I become bothered by loose ends or askew lines. So I have to ask myself," Am I outdated, boring, mundane or plain?" I have made a pledge to myself to lighten up and loosen my grip on boundaries, that have limited my creativity.

My crafter friends and I have one quality in common. That is, if the item we make isn't perfect in our eyes, the item does not get posted. I have posted items and removed them within 10 minutes of it being listed because I didn't like the look of it. I'd put it in a box and close it tight.

I am always intrigued by artists that go outside of the box. The daring ones that have no perimeters. Some of the items that I have seen while browsing Etsy surprise me. So I ask you this...., What is it about these fashion no-no's that brings the sellers in?

I have pick some of the most risque and unique items from various artists and solicit your comments on what it is that you think makes them so desirable. And maybe with your responses I will be less anal retentive and venture out beyond the scope of reason.
I think I may already be one of these daring individuals, but am reticent to let go and release it to the world. My secret little treasury is buried in a corner of my work area waiting for the day I will release them.

So please, take a look and feel free to explore.

Triple Pocket Zipper Bilfold - $54.00
By Scabbyrobot

Handmade Leather Pouch Purple - $45
By StudioMu

Antique Brown Leather Shoulder Bag- $148.00
By delacyonline

If you would like to see more products handcrafted by these artist click on the item title to view their shops.

Thanks to these artists for daring to be different.

Anne ^i^

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