Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Ring is the Thing

It was about 2 weeks ago and I was working on a project when I looked down at the table and noticed a concho laying next to a strip of leather I had cut. *light bulb* The powers that be presented me with a very neat idea..., not an original one..., but a neat one non-the-less. I dug into my supply drawer and pulled out a ton of things. *big smile* I made my first ring. I showed it to my oldest daughter, whom I might add doesn't care for leather products AT all - *sigh*. She loved it. She put it on her finger said, "cool" and walked out of the room. I had to chase her to retrieve it or it would have disappeared into the abyss - her bedroom - never to be found again. 0_o!!

Wow, I thought! She liked something I made without coaching for a positive reaction. I was feeling pretty good about myself actually. I had stepped out of the box for a moment and was pleasantly surprised.

Well, needless to say I went ring crazy. I pulled out all my best fasteners, rivets and rhinestones and went to town. I was looking at everything thinking - this will work.... *whew*

I was on a roll. By the end of the day I had created four rings and....yes I was very pleased with myself. *pat on back* Amanda would walk through the room periodically and smirk at me...., "Very nice, mom", she said, patting me on the head like a well deserving child of praise. Yes, But I had succeeded in creating a teen "cool" item. ah-huh.. that's right!! You know it :D

The best idea came later from John. He said, "You how people sometimes tie a string on their finger to remind themself to do a task. Why don't you make a ring like that but with leather cord instead." I thought it was hilarious..., but perfect..., and so novel. Why "knot" ?
And that is how I started making leather rings. Funny though, I was never one to wear leather jewelry when I was younger ...., times have changed and so did I... sounds like a song. :D

If you have an idea you want me to try out for you, drop by my shop and leave me a convo.


Anne ^i^

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