Sunday, May 3, 2009


A super nice friend of mine, Delina, who owns a jewelry shop in New York, had a giveaway on her site yesterday. I thought it was a wonderful idea eventhough I didn't win. LOL

The concept of a giveaway is a great idea. I get to do something nice by PIF (passing it forward) and the recipient gets a free gift for participating. It's a win - win situation!!

But my nature dictates that it was too easy. Hehehe! Where's the sport in that? Lets make it interesting.

So here's my plan. Sometime during the month I will change the price on one of my listings in my shop Leather Made Nice to $0.00. (Normally there is a monetary value of no less than a dollar but since it was already listed I should be able to change the value to $0.) In the event that it does not accept the $0.00 value, I will change the cost to $1.00 and the buyer will need only to complete the transaction stopping at PayPal.

Shipping included.

I will post the winner and the item won.

Happy hunting!!! :D

Anne ^i^

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